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Robert Gertz   Link to this

If he means John lent him money, let us hope Dad took lesson from son and charged interest of 6%.

Terry W   Link to this

"Let us hope Dad took lesson from son"
Isn't John living off of a stingy £50 per year allowance from Sam anyway? He can't charge for lending Sam his own money!

Jenny   Link to this

From "The Diary of Samuel Pepys, A Selection" selected and edited by Robert Latham.

"My father, for money lent, and horse hire"

I take this as being interest paid to his father on money Samuel lent on his behalf or more simply, paying back money borrowed from his father. I don't think L50 is stingy.

Robert Gertz   Link to this

50? Last I'd heard it was 10 with occasional gifts. I'd imagine though Bess' visit brough summer bounty and therefore was not entirely unwelcome.

Terry W   Link to this

In May 1663 Sam agreed to a £50 per annum allowance for his parents - some as income from the estate and some out of his own purse. It was all typically complicated and is explained in a letter from Sam to John at http://www.pepysdiary.com/indepth/2006/05/17/be....

arby   Link to this

I'm getting a "page not found" on that link, Terry.

Andrew Patton   Link to this

The link somehow got a trailing period which breaks it. Try http://www.pepysdiary.com/indepth/2006/05/17/be...

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