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Louis   Link to this

Shakespeare may not pass muster, but Fletcher (this time assisted by Beaumont, c. 1611) seems to please every time.

daniel   Link to this


Sam seems only to have a conflict of conscience when seeing Shakespeare pieces. hmmmm...........

Todd Bernhardt   Link to this

re: conscience

Or, when he sees plays by himself...?

David Ross McIrvine   Link to this


Stephan P. Flores has an article,

""I am Arbaces, we all fellow subjects": the political appeal of Beaumont and Fletcher's 'A King and No King' on the restoration stage."

on the appeal of this play to Restoration audiences.


gerry   Link to this

Of late, Sam's life is deja view all over again. The other day road works at Charing Cross, today a hard time getting a cab in the rain. This could be straight out of Manhattan Diary.

Pedro.   Link to this

Shakespeare First Folio.

Talking of Shakespeare have you got one of the above in your attic it could be worth above £4.0m see…


Kevin Peter   Link to this

We can certainly see that Sam will sometimes wait quite a few days before writing in his journal about the previous ones. Six days is quite a bit of writing to do.

I seem the recall that he mentions making notes about what he is going to write, so as to not forget.

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