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dirk   Link to this

venison pasty

Heavy stuff! Indigestion tomorrow morning?

vicente   Link to this

Should have gone to the H.o L.
July 5th Petitions from Good Christians and Anabptists. pet: will be heard but ???
then report concerning Penal Laws against Priests. ...For refusing to take Oath of Supremacy . should it be repealed? it was read and voted and Ordered To stand as is.
Otherwise they are very interested in the Real estate trans actions.

Linda   Link to this

Do you think when he says he was "very merry" that it is because they have been drinking?

Mary   Link to this

"very merry"

I expect that they have been drinking, but Pepys' use of 'merry' here would have been literal, not as a euphemism for 'jovially drunk' or 'tipsy'.

Robert Gertz   Link to this

Apparently Sir Will B. kicked in for the real thing, unlike cozen Tom in Jan, 1660.

"...only the venison pasty was palpable beef, which was not handsome."

JWB   Link to this

"They don't flee from me"
Three fauns this morning in my orchard eating low hanging pears. Anyone for venison pasties?

A. De Araujo   Link to this

If you can assure me it is not from road kill.

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