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About Saturday 8 November 1662

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Sam has spoken much of dirt in the house which I would expect during construction. I wonder if the workers are being intentionally messy?

About Tuesday 4 November 1662

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Maurie Beck on 5 Nov 2005 •

"But there will be no great miss of him for all that."

But I do miss him and all the other characters. And I miss myself as well, and I'm not even dead yet.

My feelings exactly, Maurie Beck.

About Tuesday 28 October 1662

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Ridiculous talk...

He so rarely mentions his wife, I have every intention of celebrating when he does. I'm thinking he enjoyed the talk, or he wouldn't have engaged her for one to two hours. :)

About Sunday 26 October 1662

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Thanks, Bill, for the insight that Sam had, in fact, kept a neat dairy today. Many of us have not seen the manuscript to know.