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About Monday 15 September 1662

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the 2005 folks tended to get extremely long winded about Sam's grammar. Did they not take into account the three and a half centuries of linguistic progression?

About Wednesday 4 September 1661

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If I remember correctly, (and this isn't a spoiler), having read all of the diary, there will be some mention to come of Sam having eaten bad oysters. An horrendous experience for the man.

About Wednesday 7 August 1661

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In Lancashire also (when I was a kid, a couple of years ago) we used to take our "bait" to work. That served as our break-time snack.

About Saturday 6 July 1661

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I think Sasha is close to the mark. He probably found her in bed, looking pretty rough, and maybe smelling not too sweet.

About Sunday 5 May 1661

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Not one mention of the "red faced parson", Mr Holland, which I would have thought to be an interesting topic. Anyone know how he came to be known by that sobriquet?

About Tuesday 30 April 1661

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I Haven't lived in London for many years, but I'm having difficulty trying to figure out how a location which is south of Wateroo can be north of Kennington.