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About Sunday 24 May 1663

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I must say, I enjoyed the 2006 comment of Mons. Jean-Paul Buquet about Rev. Josselin and the horrifying prospect of a website featuring his slightly over pious diary entries. He really was a crashing bore.

About Tuesday 13 January 1662/63

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Great diary entry, one can almost smell the aromas and feel the atmosphere. Some nice annotations as well, no attempts at concocting little dramas for a change.

About Wednesday 10 December 1662

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This is the first entry of the diary, so he already had one serving girl. Must have been a cramped little garret.

"Blessed be God, at the end of the last year I was in very good health, without any sense of my old pain, but upon taking of cold.

I lived in Axe Yard having my wife, and servant Jane, and no more in family than us three"

About Monday 1 December 1662

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My dad was a Lancashire miner, and he used to get up at 04:30-05:00 in order to catch the early bus from Bolton to Mosley Common colliery, near Walkden Lancs. and I remember very well as a tiny boy hearing the "knocker up" come around every morning and tap on the bedroom windows. That would have been in the forties, and I assume that he carried a long stick.

About Monday 15 September 1662

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the 2005 folks tended to get extremely long winded about Sam's grammar. Did they not take into account the three and a half centuries of linguistic progression?

About Wednesday 4 September 1661

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If I remember correctly, (and this isn't a spoiler), having read all of the diary, there will be some mention to come of Sam having eaten bad oysters. An horrendous experience for the man.