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About Samuel Pepys' Playlist on BBC Radio 4

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One of the contributors describes "Beauty Retire" as "haunting" but to my ears it sounded heavy and ponderous. However my musical knowledge and maybe appreciation is very limited!

About Monday 20 August 1666

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The Adventures of five hours must be a superb play indeed, if by its side Othello "seems a mean thing." I am afraid I have never heard of Sir Samuel Tuke's magnificent comedy nor its author, sad to say. Posterity has valued Shakespeare's Othello rather higher on the scale of dramatic masterpieces than Tuke's Adventures, however. I look forward to Sam's next literary bon mots!

About Friday 17 August 1666

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"making an end of The Adventures of five houres, - which when all is done, is the best play that ever I read in my life."

Literary criticism is not Sam's forte, is it? His judgement of plays he reads and sees is often very eccentric to say the least.

About Saturday 19 May 1666

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Could someone who understands such matters perhaps consult Deane's manuscripts in Pepy's library in Cambridge and report back? Then the mystery of the method Deane used could be cleared up rather than argued about.

About Saturday 24 March 1665/66

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Phoenix asked whether Pepys had ever shown real affection for anyone other than himself. I noted Mr P's comments on Mr. Hill [" a man I love mightily"] earlier in March 1666 [02/03/1666] on Hill's departure for Portugal. There seems to be a note of genuine sadness. "..and endeed I am heartily sorry for Mr. Hill's leaving us - for he is a very worthy gentleman, as most I know - God give him a good voyage and success in his business. Thus we parted, and my wife and I to bed, heavy for the loss of our friend."

Notice how Sam includes his wife in his sentiments of loss.

About Sunday 26 November 1665

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On his frosty ride to Erith with Mr.Tooker I don't suppose Mr.P had much to say about his molestation of Mr. T's daughter[?] Mrs. Fr. Tooker three days previously["I sent for little Mrs. Fr. Tooker; and after they were gone, I sat dallying with her an hour, doing what I would with my hand about her.." Did Mr.P feel comfortable with Mr.Tooker, one wonders, or has he forgotten all about it?

[This is my first annotation. I began reading the diary from the beginning last year but only discovered this web-site having reached 1665.]