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About Wednesday 20 April 1664

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More pedantry, anyone? "Genuine Corinthian Leather" is very rare, since it existed only in the minds of the marketers for Chrysler in the 1970s. I would be especially leery of a book bound with the stuff, it may be leather, but it probably came from New Jersey. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

About Tuesday 5 April 1664

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I've seen workers eating their lunch while seated on a bloated cow carcass at a rendering plant, one of the foulest-smelling places I've ever encountered. The nose can adapt to almost anything with a little exposure.

About Tuesday 8 March 1663/64

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Not only does it not deter deer and other pests, (specifically bunnies) human urine attracts them, I suppose for the salts. Cottontail rabbits will go straight for it quickly, as in overnight. Indeed, I could have my whole lawn mown if I drank more coffee and beer.

About Tuesday 9 February 1663/64

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Why the difference between the 1000£ that he stands "bound" and the 700£ bond he shows Bess? More than one bond, didn't want her to know the full extent?

About Wednesday 6 January 1663/64

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It was a leather strop indeed, SDS. Wikipedia tells me a strop can be made of other materials such as canvas too, something I didn't know.

About Thursday 31 December 1663

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LH, I think George Carlin sums it up nicely, "Have you ever noticed how other people's stuff is sh*t, and your own sh*t is stuff?"
Happy New Year to Phil and all of Pepys peeps.