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About Monday 10 August 1663

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Thanks Ivan, that makes more sense. I'm surprised nobody gave the L&M version ten years ago, that "disgust" really didn't sound right.

About Saturday 13 June 1663

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It was interesting to see Sam label a personal bribe as a bribe today, the first I can recall. And his waffling about sending it back.

About Wednesday 7 January 1662/63

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I think Sam is worried about actual fire, not the Dutch. A serious danger with wooden ships docked close to each other, it can easily jump from ship to ship.

About Wednesday 31 December 1662

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Your dream of ten years ago did come true, Pedro. Mass produced cider is widely available now in the US, and just recently Congress passed a cider bill lowering taxes on craft cider makers.
Happy New Year everyone, perhaps a glass of sparkling cider to celebrate?

About Saturday 29 November 1662

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"Whistle pig" is a common name for our marmots (groundhogs) in the southern US. Sweet animals, as long as it isn't your garden that's being eaten.

About Tuesday 25 November 1662

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I suggest avoiding Pedro's "failed" link above, it seems to have been captured by a NSFW site, yikes.

About Sunday 16 November 1662

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Hugh, the writers of Moone Boy may have taken a hint from Sam: "That is the single greatest thing my little eyes have ever witnessed."