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About Saturday 13 June 1663

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It was interesting to see Sam label a personal bribe as a bribe today, the first I can recall. And his waffling about sending it back.

About Wednesday 7 January 1662/63

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I think Sam is worried about actual fire, not the Dutch. A serious danger with wooden ships docked close to each other, it can easily jump from ship to ship.

About Wednesday 31 December 1662

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Your dream of ten years ago did come true, Pedro. Mass produced cider is widely available now in the US, and just recently Congress passed a cider bill lowering taxes on craft cider makers.
Happy New Year everyone, perhaps a glass of sparkling cider to celebrate?

About Saturday 29 November 1662

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"Whistle pig" is a common name for our marmots (groundhogs) in the southern US. Sweet animals, as long as it isn't your garden that's being eaten.

About Tuesday 25 November 1662

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I suggest avoiding Pedro's "failed" link above, it seems to have been captured by a NSFW site, yikes.

About Sunday 16 November 1662

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Hugh, the writers of Moone Boy may have taken a hint from Sam: "That is the single greatest thing my little eyes have ever witnessed."

About Thursday 13 November 1662

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It's more than just thinking "the bad news will just disappear if he doesn't open the letter", he was going to burn it unread in front of her. Very provocatively rubbing her nose in his dismissal of her concerns, a vivid demonstration of how little her opinion matters to him.