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About Tuesday 8 March 1663/64

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Not only does it not deter deer and other pests, (specifically bunnies) human urine attracts them, I suppose for the salts. Cottontail rabbits will go straight for it quickly, as in overnight. Indeed, I could have my whole lawn mown if I drank more coffee and beer.

About Tuesday 9 February 1663/64

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Why the difference between the 1000£ that he stands "bound" and the 700£ bond he shows Bess? More than one bond, didn't want her to know the full extent?

About Wednesday 6 January 1663/64

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It was a leather strop indeed, SDS. Wikipedia tells me a strop can be made of other materials such as canvas too, something I didn't know.

About Thursday 31 December 1663

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LH, I think George Carlin sums it up nicely, "Have you ever noticed how other people's stuff is sh*t, and your own sh*t is stuff?"
Happy New Year to Phil and all of Pepys peeps.

About Thursday 3 September 1663

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I think it's cognitive dissonance only when the person is aware of the contradictions. I think we all know people who can float through life completely unaware of that some of their beliefs are in opposition.

About Sunday 30 August 1663

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A recent Economist, Aug 13, had an article about the death of cash in Europe, especially in the northern countries, except Germany. Germany, southern and eastern Europe have not followed the trend, and the Italians especially remain wedded to cash, even for large purchases. What the tax man doesn't know, etc. In eastern Europe and Germany it's an historical aversion to being tracked, memories of Stazi and the like.
It now costs more money to handle cash than plastic, despite the bank fees added to plastic transactions. Some northern stores have "No Cash" policies.

About Saturday 29 August 1663

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I'm glad to see that Barry Humphries, Dame Edna and her wigs are still at large in the world.

About Monday 10 August 1663

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Thanks Ivan, that makes more sense. I'm surprised nobody gave the L&M version ten years ago, that "disgust" really didn't sound right.