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About Tuesday 25 November 1662

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I suggest avoiding Pedro's "failed" link above, it seems to have been captured by a NSFW site, yikes.

About Sunday 16 November 1662

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Hugh, the writers of Moone Boy may have taken a hint from Sam: "That is the single greatest thing my little eyes have ever witnessed."

About Thursday 13 November 1662

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It's more than just thinking "the bad news will just disappear if he doesn't open the letter", he was going to burn it unread in front of her. Very provocatively rubbing her nose in his dismissal of her concerns, a vivid demonstration of how little her opinion matters to him.

About Wednesday 5 November 1662

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"...offer him to change lodgings"? Really? After the recently added floor and the months of remodeling? Am I reading that right?

About Monday 13 October 1662

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If "kilroy" is still here, yes, the milk does taste better when the milk cows are put out to pasture after winter. It would have a higher cream content, and taste much richer and more flavorful. Even the color of the cream changes to some extent, depending on the grasses and forbs available. Some feed, like the first growth of winter wheat in spring, can lend a distinct off flavor to the milk too, as well as turning the cream a pale yellow.

About Sunday 28 September 1662

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For a contemporary and humorous (possible) insight into Wayneman's troubles, see the Moone Boy episode "Dark Side of the Moone". Season 1, episode 4. As it happens it's being re-run on my local PBS station tonight, also free on Hulu. Irish sitcom starring a 12 year old boy.

About Thursday 26 June 1662

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Australia, at least, has particularly speedy maggot development. More than once I was faced with maggoty, flyblown food that had been stored covered in a warming cabinet for 6-8 hours. In a hospital no less. Maybe they should have hung corks on strings from the plate.

About Tuesday 10 June 1662

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I'm certain I would never have read the Diary in book form, and probably wouldn't have read a digital version either, although I have a free one on a tablet. It's only this site and the knowledgeable readers that drew me in.