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About Tuesday 9 April 1661

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"the best hand" I'm with Robin: surely this means her handwriting often stated in old writings as something was "written in a neat hand."

About Wednesday 6 March 1660/61

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I, too, was disappointed I'd missed the party! And by 10 years, no less!

Perhaps those of us late-comers will have to arrange our own get-together, myself coming from Delaware (USA). Of course inviting the party-goers who left us out in the cold : )

In researching wigge: it appears the Swiss bake an August weggen, a buttery bread, not sweet, but formed to look like the Swiss flag, and who
knows when that custom began.

About Sir William Warren

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Seeing the note that he was involved with shipping timber from New England, I wonder if he was any relation to the Richard Warren who was a London merchant and a Pilgrim on the Mayflower ship to America. Not much is known of Richard Warren except he had a huge family, all girls except one son, and most of the people related today to the Mayflower ancestors are related to Richard Warren.

About Saturday 2 February 1660/61

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Mary's comment gives a baseline for their weekly food costs, but how does one calculate it accurately considering Sam is mooching meals constantly from His Lady and others? It seems like it is pay-back time for him otherwise he'll be labeled a sponge like many today who don't bother reciprocating a dinner.

About Saturday 5 January 1660/61

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the laying of an extra place:
Though I don't know where this originated, some Christian families today set an extra place as a reminder that Christ is also present at their table. I wonder would it have helped to quiet our children's pandemonium?